Changing the way you function.

Welcome to the United Therapies approach to rehabilitation. It will positively change the way you function. With over 8500 sq. ft, 2 locations in Winnipeg and a staff that boasts professional excellence in rehabilitation and consulting, United Therapies is certainly a Manitoba leader in multi-disciplinary rehabilitation.

When I came to United Therapies after dealing with my injury for 9 ½ years, I didn’t believe that anyone could help me, but United Therapies proved me wrong. I feel stronger, and not only have I gotten better, you have also given me a positive attitude and a goal to look forward to.
– BC

General Info

  • Referrals are not required to book an appointment with any of our clinicians, however some private – insurance companies may request it for billing purposes.
  • We are able to direct bill to Manitoba Public Insurance, Worker’s Compensation Board, Blue Cross, and Great West Life
  • We can accept Credit Card, Debit, or Cash
  • Manitoba Health contributes $7.00 towards your first few chiropractic visits of the year.
  • Manitoba Health does not cover physiotherapy and athletic therapy services.
  • The difference between athletic therapy and physiotherapy is mainly in the structure of schooling. Both disciplines have a strong base in musculoskeletal structure and function. Physiotherapists generally have additional training with neurological conditions (such as strokes, parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis), where Athletic Therapists have additional training in advanced exercise prescription and emergency first aid.