I like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff involved during my strengthening and conditioning program at United Therapies. I’d also like to thank the staff for providing a welcoming and supportive environment. I enjoyed working on the various exercise equipment available and very much appreciated Craig Penniston’s guidance, direction, encouragement, and support. Ensuring proper form and technique. I have definitely improved from the the time I started here. I realize that I must continue to use the tools that I learned here.

– CA

Good morning. I would like to thank you and your staff for helping me to be new and improved. Lol. I thank your staff for being a major help in the exercises and for motivation. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it had not been for strength training at your facilities. I was not limited to carry or lift heavy weights to my ability unlike other facilities. I was not looked down upon as limited but was treated as like I was not injured and I greatly appreciate it on that matter. I will highly recommend your facility to anyone willing to regain mobility or strength.

– LW

Just a quick note to tell you how GREAT it feels to be working out again. I feel so fantastic right now, a little sore but mentally alert and so positive emotionally. I was hesitant about working out with my back condition but through great coaching my core has never been stronger relieving back pain. it’s such a huge difference in my psyche. Thanks for making a difference in my life!

– JB

Previous to United Therapies, I was dealing with constant pain and I was emotionally drained. During my rehab treatment program I was able to stop taking all of my pain medication and started sleeping through the night again. The team at United Therapies is second to none and I am so grateful for their guidance in helping me to achieve the healthy body and mind that I deserve.

And again, thank you so much for all that your team has done… I truly am a different person than when I walked into your clinic so many months ago.

– Cat Ferguson

The group dynamic with multiple clients creates a spirit of peer support whereas until this rehabilitation I was alone with all of my hurts and pains.  I have not experienced a gain to this level of success since released by surgeon.  The explanations given in words & pictures are understandable to a non medical client. Encouragement from the therapists on the floor beside the exercise mat is the finest form of coaching.  This skill personified makes Wilma and Mike great ambassadors for United Therapies.

– MG